Digital X-Ray

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Digital x-rays can be used in a variety of ways to help us identify issues with your pet’s health. In general, they allow us to view an animal’s bones as well as some of the larger organs, such as the lungs and stomach.

Have you ever taken a pet into the vet’s office concerned that they had swallowed a rubber band or one of the kids’ toys? This can often lead to your pet shunning food and water, a lack of or particularly messy bowel movements, and vomiting. Chances are you ended up needing to get them a stomach x-ray to make sure there was nothing lodged in there preventing the food (and foreign object) from moving through.

If you’ve ever adopted a pet from a shelter or boarded them without proper vaccinations, you might already be familiar with the dreaded kennel cough. In particularly bad cases, this disease can turn into pneumonia, which our vet can diagnose with an x-ray of the lungs.

And, of course, there are the usual bone images that people tend to associate with digital x-rays. We can make sure we’re providing the appropriate level of treatment once we’ve interpreted and discuss with you our findings of the x-rays.

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