Nutritional Counseling

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At Cobblestone Animal Hospital, we know that you care about pet’s long-term health. A common issue we see in our practice is diet-related health problems. This can range from out-of-control allergies to animal obesity. Not to worry, though! With appropriate nutritional counseling, your pet could be well on their way to a happier future.

It’s not unusual for animals to have an allergy or intolerance to ingredients regularly found in pet food. Common signs of this include chronic ear inflammation, itchy or red skin, and stomach problems that manifest as diarrhea or gas. Unfortunately, there are a number of possible triggers that could be leading to these uncomfortable symptoms, including beef, dairy and soy. Working together as a team, we can figure out what the culprit is and how to prevent future problems for your pet (and your carpet).

Unsurprisingly, the other food-related issue usually involves an animal’s weight. Many pet owners struggle with keeping their pets at an ideal body composition. We’re happy to work with you to find the perfect balance for your pet through a combination of optimizing their food and working toward the appropriate level of daily exercise.

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Cobblestone Animal Hospital is proud to offer nutritional counseling to pets and owners in Issaquah, Issaquah Highlands, Pine Lake, Klahanie, Bellevue, Sammamish, Renton, Fall City, Snoqualmie, North Bend and the surrounding areas.

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