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5 Common Conditions that Require an Animal Hospital in Issaquah

Animal Hospital in Issaquah

For pet owners, visiting an animal hospital in Issaquah is one of those things that you never want to have to do but you’re always glad they exist during a crisis. When you’re stressed, your pet is extra stressed and you’re not sure where to turn, it can be a seriously scary situation. We often suggest keeping the information for your vet clinic and animal hospital tacked onto the fridge or in an easy spot for emergencies. But what do those emergencies look like? Here are 5 of the most common conditions that land a pet in an animal hospital.

  1. Diarrhea & Vomiting

    Unsurprisingly, these are some of the top symptoms veterinarians see in emergency situations. The cause behind the mess can be highly variable, from consuming a toxic substance to a nasty infection. Here in Washington we have especially high rates of giardia diagnosis in pets compared to the rest of the country (don’t worry, Oregon does too). Because of the many possible causes, you’ll need a vet who can quickly identify the problem and start an effective treatment.

  2. Wounds & Bites

    Them’s fightin’ words! All kidding aside, bites from other animals are a pretty common reason to have to bring your pet into an animal hospital here in Issaquah. Other pets are usually the culprit, though there are some other wildlife that may be looking to take a piece out of your pooch or outdoor cat.

    Bobcat in a backyard
    Wildlife is a risk for pets, livestock, or the animals in your hobby farm
  3. The Identifiable Object

    Sometimes the cause of your pet’s misery isn’t a mystery at all. You know very well that they ferreted out some cooked chicken bones from the trash or ate a sock for reasons unknown. Maybe they’ve begun to show symptoms (see item number one on the list) of an obstruction, and you know it’s time to pull that phone number off of the fridge.

  4. NOT Urinating

    We complain so much about how our pets will pee on the carpet or the furniture or your bed that one time on the Fourth of July. Who’d have thought we’d be panicked at the thought of them not urinating for a bit? Male cats are especially at risk for life-threatening urinary crystals, though. It’s important to keep track of symptoms related to difficulty urinating and bring them in quickly.

  5. Canine Flu

    It turns out that dogs aren’t the only ones who can get the canine flu. Just like in humans, the disease is actually quite dangerous for pets. Younger animals and one with other health problems are particularly at risk from the more difficult flu symptoms. 

If you have any questions about bringing your pet into an animal hospital in Issaquah for treatment, please feel free to reach out to the team here at Cobblestone Animal Hospital.

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