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Choosing a Vaccine Clinic in Issaquah


Getting your pet vaccinated this summer is even more important if any fun travel is on the horizon.

Don’t let this item on your to-do list slip through the cracks -- and potentially ruin the trip of a lifetime. With the right vaccine clinic in Issaquah, your family can be in, out and on their way to a tropical, tiki-filled wonderland. Pets as young as 6 weeks old can get vaccinated, meaning that the newest member of the family doesn’t have to go without protection from these life-threatening diseases while you’re away.



Vaccinations for Boarding

Make sure you know which vaccinations your boarding facility will require, if you’re using one. They’ll likely have a list of the necessary preventative vaccines on their website, or you can call to double check. There are the core ones for cats and dogs as well as a few others that the business may request. Don’t forget to get a copy of the records to show at check in! You don’t want to be stuck running around town the day before you hop on a flight, in the car or on a



Traveling with Pets

Even if you’re not flying with your pets, you may still want to consider making sure they’re up to date on those shots before you leave for that road trip. New places may mean more stress, which could make your pet susceptible to getting sick. And if you are flying, you likely know that your pet will need to be up to date on their vaccines for that as well. Airlines may have different standards, so double check before you fly. A good vaccine clinic here in Issaquah can help you get that all figured out.


What About a Pet Sitter?

It might seem like you don’t need to worry if you’ll have someone coming to watch your pets, but there are still some worries that updated vaccinations can help with. Aside from avoiding these signs of a bad pet sitter, there’s not much you can do from 3,000 miles away. Maybe they didn’t know the special dance and prayer you have to do just to get the back gate to latch right, or that Waffles is determined to make his debut as an alley cat with the ladies. Once your pets are out of the house, you’ll be glad you have their vaccinations up to date.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment at a pet vaccine clinic here in Issaquah, please feel free to reach out to us at Cobblestone Animal Hospital.


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