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What You Should Know About Pet Surgery Options in Pine Lake


We know that surgery is often the last thing pet owners want to consider when choosing their furry friend’s veterinarian. Unfortunately, some things in life don’t always go according to plan. Between genetic predispositions to certain maladies to accidents to diseases caused by environmental factors, your pet may end up needing pet surgery options in Pine Lake. And if that time comes, you want to be prepared to go into the situation with a vet you can trust your pet’s life with.



Common Pet Surgeries in the Pine Lake Area

The top surgeries performed in pets include skin mass removal, treatments for skin abcesses, bladder stone removal, bite wound treatment, and a variety of cancerous tumor removals. These soft tissue surgeries require a well trained and qualified veterinarian and veterinary surgical team to ensure your pet’s health throughout the procedure. Anesthesia alone carries with it some serious health risks. As human patients often research the best surgeon for their procedure, so too should pet owners. Especially in the case of a planned procedure, finding the best veterinarian to perform a surgery on your pet in the Pine Lake area may mean looking at as many options as possible. On the other hand, expecting the same veterinarian to specialize in every possible surgical procedure is potentially a recipe for disaster. A good clinic will be willing to bring in the most qualified outside resources to get your pet the care they need for specialty cases.



Keeping Pets Calm for Surgery

When you get stressed out in the days leading up to your pet’s surgery, your animal can tell something is wrong. Add in some food deprivation the night before, a tumultuous car ride and walking into a crowded clinic, and you’ll have one freaked out pet on your hands. There have been studies showing that stress directly and negatively impacts the ability to recover from surgery. Consider trying out a veterinarian who takes your pet’s anxiety into account in the course of their care.



If you have any questions about pet surgery options in the Pine Lake area, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Cobblestone Animal Hospital.



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